About the client

Our client who specializes in process engineering services & products in energy, environment, health & safety, waste management and risk assessment was founded in 1997. The 500 client strong company is a dedicated and highly committed firm that aggregates decades of field experience, having catered to governments like U.S, Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar and India, and large scale companies such as DUGAS, ENOC, DUBAL, and DEWA among many others. Their expertise and a rich history of their clients and projects is what sets them apart from their competition.

Our client has consistently delivered complex projects involving multiple global firms from Holland, USA, Qatar, Germany and England. Our client’s innovative solutions based on their experience derived from a multitude of projects, and years of proven field involvement, not found easily in the industry, are complete game changers.

Issue at hand

The company had enjoyed years of success. However, the owner’s age did not permit him to continue his role in the company. It was time for him to retire. Although, doing it at once and out of the blue would only bring chaos in the company. Hence, it was extremely important to do it in a strategic manner.


The objective with this assignment of Leap’s was to strategically relieve the owner of the organization. The assignment was carried out over a period of 2 years in a phased manner. Leap first found a strategic partner to the company who proved to be very useful from the business perspective. In the latter phases of the assignment, the business was eventually sold off to the strategic partners. This way the owner was relieved in a smooth and systematic fashion, thereby not causing any turmoil in the organization.


Their engagement with Leap proved to be successful. The owner was successfully relieved without any disturbances through the subsequent levels of the company’s hierarchical structure.

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