Founded in 2017, by T.P. Anand and Aishwarya k, Leap aims at becoming a globally renowned advisory firm helping clients achieve sustainable growth in business.

At Leap, we guide our clients to achieve long term prosperity and success by focusing on all essential aspects of their business processes. We are dedicated to providing value added services of highest industry standards and take pride in helping our clients achieve their true potential.


Globally renowned Advisory firm helping clients achieve sustainable growth in business


Our firm’s growth and progress is embedded in providing value added services to our clients by empowering our employees to generate long term prosperity for all the stakeholders and society

Core Values

Our core values describe how we should act in order to accomplish the tasks leading to achieving our mission. They create our desired culture as they are the principles that guide the behaviors of all members of the firm.

  • Using new ideas to improve productivity/performance
  • Taking initiative to suggest new ideas
  • Identifying improvement opportunities
  • Challenging the status quo
  • Supporting and encouraging colleagues for creativity
  • Brainstorming problems/ideas before implementing
  • Sharing information and communicating openly
  • Making trust as foundation of all relations
  • Accepting constructive criticism
  • Seeking feedback and acting on it
  • Treating mistakes as opportunities to improve
  • Being forthright and assertive
  • Keeping an open mind to new ideas
  • Looking at alternate ways of doing things
  • Anticipating the future requirements pro-actively
  • Giving an honest and sincere try to new ideas
  • Making suggestions for effective results
  • Demonstrating a positive attitude at all times
  • Complete involvement and engagement in the assigned task
  • Keeping promises to colleagues and clients
  • Completing the work on time and without errors
  • Providing timely response in all situations
  • Taking ownership of situations
  • Acting on spoken beliefs and values
  • Achieving agreed goals and targets

T. P. Anand

TP is a Chartered Accountant with 30 years of post-qualification experience in India, Singapore and Dubai. He has worked in several functional areas like Finance, Accounts, Audit, Legal, Strategic Planning, Trading, Sales and Distribution, Logistics, Procurement, and Human Resources Development.

With hands-on experience in various functional areas, TP is able to provide the Corporate Strategy best suited for organizations from various fields. In the past he has handled several Business Advisory assignments in the Far East, Middle East, Africa and Europe.

TP is also a certified Business Excellence Assessor and has been associated with the various Business Awards in the United States of America and United Arab Emirates for more than seven years.

Aishwarya K

Aishwarya is a Co-founder and the director of Leap Business consulting. Before founding Leap, Aishwarya worked for many years in process oriented roles for leading multinational companies in India and Dubai. She also has broad experience in several fields such as engineering, event management, entertainment and market research.

With excellent communication, interpersonal and networking skills, Aishwarya is capable of developing key strategies for the sustainable growth of a business as well as gauge the market for growth opportunities of potential business plans.

Aishwarya is also a member of the Dubai Quality Awards (DQA), Sharjah Economic Excellence Network (ShjSEEN) Awards & Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Awards (SKEA) assessment team and is steadily gaining reputation in the UAE market as a contributor to the sustainable and long term development of the SME sector in the region.

Invest in Rwanda

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Here is everything that you should know about investing in Rwanda. Leap takes immense pleasure in bringing to you all the important facts you should know on the Business Opportunities in Rwanda! Start thinking and come straight to us when you decide to step in to Rwanda, for business !!

Leap Turns One

As we step into our second year, Leap will continue to help its clients achieve sustained growth with increased efficiency and better profit margins!

Business Philosophy :

Help Business Owners and Managers through Learn, Explore, Assess and Practice formula.

Business Approach :

The Firm will follow the 3D approach of Direction, Discipline and Distinction.

Direction : We will ourselves first set the firm, its owner, manager and associates in the direction of continuous learning and development. In order to educate the clients we have to first educate and equip ourselves and it is important for us to keep an open mind to learn continuously and improve our skills and knowledge. The best teacher is one who is able learn from the class while imparting the knowledge. We will be permanent students for life time.

Discipline : We will discipline the clients and help them embark on the path of excellence through a systems approach. We will help define processes, policies and procedures for all the different aspects of the business of the client. We will adopt the principles of Design Thinking in all our assignments in order to help the clients achieved their desired goals in a sustainable manner.

Distinction : We will help our clients achieve distinction by achieving improved business results which worthy of Business Excellence Award. The distinction achieved by the client in their Industry will also set them apart from their competitors and instill the sense of continuous improvement to stay ahead.

Strategic Partners

  • Sustained cost reduction through cost consciousness
  • Elimination of waste and improved efficiency
  • Business process improvements
  • Setting up the organisation on a "path of excellence"
  • Building organisational capabilities

When you decide to take a leap into the world of excellence, drop us a line.