At leap we guide our clients to long term prosperity by focussing on essential aspects of their business processes.


Business excellence

European Foundation for Quality Management or EFQM is a popular business excellence model adopted in the MENA region. This comprehensive model has an all-round focus on all aspects of a business. Through our vast understanding of the EFQM model, we help clients transition into this holistic framework of organizational excellence.

Business Planning

Strategic Planning and Annual Business Planning are extremely important for every organisation. It positions an organisation's products and services with a clear business plan. We help our clients develop a Strategic Plan which will comprise of the Environmental Scan; Vision, Mission and Core Values; SWOT Analysis; Positioning of the Company’s Products or Services with a clear Business Model.


Process management

Organisations evolve constantly and so should their internal processes. Through a comprehensive Process Mapping exercise, we identify gaps in an organization's processes. After a thorough analysis, we recommend the necessary changes in the Processes. Regular process improvements enable organisations to keep up with the dynamics of the business and market conditions.


Alliances & Acquisitions

Markets and consumer needs are constantly evolving. Organizations need to rethink their strategies and quickly align their resources, infrastructure, customer offerings and channel partnerships to cater to these needs. One of the best ways to stay ahead is through strategic alliances and business acquisitions. We help our clients with strategic alliances and mergers by developing connections with potential partners and handling the end to end process which includes due diligence, contractual agreement and business evaluation.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking focuses on using creative tools and techniques to generate innovative Products, Services, Processes and Business Solutions for our clients. Design Thinking at the foundational level helps organizations stay innovative and stay ahead of the pack. We derive our process from a formal education in the Design Thinking Process from MIT Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts, USA.