About the client

The company engaged in trading and distribution of Building Materials. The company supplied building materials to major construction companies and also did retailing of building materials through a retail outlet in Diera, Dubai.

Issue at hand

Being faced with a legal dispute in 2012, the company approached us for a strategic resolution on the matter.

The dispute arose when our client filed a suit against their customer for defaulting on their payments, and escalated when the customer filed a suit on our client for non-routine deliveries of materials. The court ordered the seizure of all operations within our client’s warehouse.


Upon engagement, TP Anand requested the management to summarize the facts of the case so as to obtain a clear understanding of the sequence of events leading up to the dispute. He was then able to identify certain cause and effects which terribly derailed a situation which would have normally been an out of court settlement. TP Anand then requested an audience with the CEO of the construction company on behalf of our client.


The brief, however fruitful, meeting with the CEO of the construction company lead to the construction company agreeing to settle outside of court and withdrawing the case against our client. A settlement amount favourable to both the parties was negotiated, and our client could resume its operations right after the case against it was withdrawn.

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