About the client

Our client is one of the major producers and distributors of Arabic images and footage as stock photography, which are used by nearly every developer looking for a piece of the Arab world for content creation or editing. The company was founded in 1998, prior to which the only library available to agencies and publication houses was the Daily Telegraph library. Those were the times when you would see European imagery poorly edited to fit into an advertisement which would be oriented towards Arabs. Today, the company’s extensive collection covers everything from categories “business” to “lifestyle,” to “tourism” and “culture and heritage,” and everything in between.

Issue at hand

After the advent of internet, digital photography and online stock libraries became mainstream. People willing to buy authentic Arab images for $100 would only have to spend $5 on digital stock libraries like Shutterstock and iStock.


In order to figure out a way forward to continue operating as the industry leader, they approached Leap. Leap proposed that the task of increasing the scale of their operations be executed in the following ways–

  • Increasing the workforce: Leap suggested that workforce with specific focus be increased in the organization. This meant increased specialization among personnel.
  • Videography: The client had always operated with photographs as their only product. However, more was possible with advancements in technology and the public had taken notice. Leap pointed out that the client should begin to offer videography to their current and potential clients.

Leap also proposed to introduce a newer version of employee contracts which included a pay- for-performance aspect. The employees’ pays were split into variable and fixed components.


All the suggestions made by Leap were very well accepted and implemented by the management. Today, the client operates on a whole another scale, offering a much wider array of images and footage across several categories to their customers.

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