About the client

Our client first established in India in 1986 and expanded to the UAE in 2005, given the nation’s strategic position and global reach. The expansion was successful and they had built a strong foothold in the UAE market by 2011. They are a leading manufacturer of tapes, stretch films and packaging materials. They practice a no- compromise policy in terms of customer satisfaction. Their dedication to providing the best in terms of quality and variety is unparalleled.

Issue at hand

The management was very capable and forward-looking. They knew that they had to frame certain organizational policies in order to enjoy sustained growth in the long run.


Leap was invited to help the company put in place a long-term strategy for everlasting success. Leap developed effective business plans and strategic plans for the organization in a relatively short span of time. Leap also helped bring in other systems and processes, including Monthly Performance Reviews (MPRs.) The MPRs were managed by Leap for a period of 3 months.


The policies were thoroughly thought through as per the needs and suitability of the entity and its operating environment, and were easy to be implemented over a period of time. Since there were no sudden changes, it was easy for everyone in the organization to adapt to the new policies. This further ensured continuous smooth functioning of the organization during the transition period.

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