Continuous improvement

Elephants and ants have been living the same way for the last several centuries. We human beings have not lived the same way for even a few decades. We have been constantly looking to improve on everything and hence the way of life has undergone changes. Change is the only thing that is constant in our lives. With the advancement of technology, change itself is frequently changing through continuous improvement.

For instance, cars, trains and buses have all been constantly improved over the years. Aircraft and ships have also undergone changes and improvements over the years. The house in which we live and the gadgets around us have all changed and improved over the years. Technology has now shown us the easier version of flying objects like drones, the application and usage of which, is mind-blowing.

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The majority of the people like the improvements and adapt quickly with the improved gadgets and environment. The fast pace at which technology is improving and changing is forcing people to adapt themselves to new gadgets, new processes and new ways of leading life.

We are always looking for improved performance from others who manufacture various products for our consumption. When we go to a store, we look for the latest and improved version. Even a detergent powder sells well if it is “new” or “improved”. Whilst I appreciate the anxiety and keenness that we have, to always look for improved products and services, I do not know if all the human beings are making a conscious effort to improve their behaviour and performance.

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Organisations are made up of individuals and the contribution of the individuals in any organisation cannot be undermined. The urge for continuous improvement is never-ending and is the key to success. To stay ahead of competition, to create competitive advantage, to establish cost leadership, to delight customers, to meet and beat the expectations of the customer consistently, to stay in business, to grow the business, to reach to global audience, to stay relevant and finally to achieve the organisational goals, continuous improvement is inevitable.

Continuous improvement in an organisation is done through design thinking, lean management, six sigma and various other techniques. In short continuous improvement is nothing but “questioning the obvious”.

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The way we talk, the way we work, the way we respond to others and most importantly the way we treat others – all of them can be improved. The improvement will come only if we so desire. There should be an inner urge within us to constantly improve our selves. If that is followed, then every human being will improve for the better and the whole society will improve in turn.

Let us together make this world a liveable, likeable and lovable place and enjoy our life. We at Leap Business Excellence take pride in being the champions of continuous improvement and we can help organisations stay relevant through our strategic advisory services. Continuous improvement is a journey which sets you and your organisation on the “path of excellence”. Just like everyone has companions to help them in their aspirations, we would be the friends your organisation needs to help achieve its objectives and aspirations.

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